r1 Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans

Rush Seeds® Glyphosate Tolerant soybeans are value priced.  Our GT lines are high-yielding with good defensive traits for most environments.  Glyphosate Tolerant soybeans from Rush Seeds® provide one more option to help you manage your soybean crop for maximum profitability with these value priced products.

RS310GT Relative Maturity 3.1

First introduced in 2004 this quickly became Denzler Seeds best-selling early Roundup Ready® variety.  Bred for eastern timber soils that are variable, its best attribute then and today is its offensive ability.  RS310GT has shown a good ability to handle heavy soils and wet conditions.  Tall, can handle some stress; know that it is weak on SCN, so manage accordingly.

RS350GT Relative Maturity 3.5

In its 2007 introduction year this variety dominated in elite yield trials east of the Mississippi river. Winning first out of 50 varieties tested it continues to be a reliable high yielder long past the life expectancy of most soybean lines. Well-rounded defensive characteristics protect this high yielding germplasm. RS350GT is value priced for your double crop or average productive fields.

RS390GT Relative Maturity 3.8

This plant style often looks like an inverted Christmas tree with lots of top branches on a medium height main stem.  Strong defensively.  It falls short in the highest yield enjoinments against some newer trait products, but, is a best fit for your average productive fields and double crop acres. Expect it to stand well late and senesce to a nice tawny tan at harvest.

RS430GT Relative Maturity 4.4

This was Denzler Seeds last R1 launch.  It is comparable, and in many cases, superior in yield over Genuity® R2Y’s, Xtend varieties and Liberty Link® varieties.  RS430GT is large seeded, bushy, tall and rugged.  Great on your best soils.  Outstanding on stress soils too.  This variety is suited perfectly for our southern Indiana and Ohio counties.