Field Notes

  • Outstanding yield performance against known Liberty Link soybeans of similar maturity. 4% above test average in multi-location data.
  • Excellent emergence score for early no-till planting. Start harvest early.
  • PRR field tolerance is excellent. SCN score is highly tolerant. S white mold tolerance is good. Stem Canker resistance is excellent. Overall very strong defensive package on an early soybean for our counties.

Soybean Ratings

  • Ratings:
  • Below Average: 0-4
  • Average: 5
  • Good: 6
  • Very Good: 7-8
  • Excellent: 9
  • Superior: 10

Variety Description

LibertyLink® GT27™ items bring new germplasm to the farm at a lower cost than dicamba or 2-4 D traited products.  DEFENSE on an early soybean protects the upside.  What an upside it has.  RS 300LG was superior in yield over all Liberty Link varieties in its maturity zone.  Add both benefits of newer higher yielding germplasm and glyphosate herbicide tolerance to your farm.

Maturity: 3.0
Plant Type: Semi-Bush
Row Widths: All
Plant Height: Medium
PRR Gene: Rpsla
Flower Color: Purple
Pubescence: Light Tawny
Pod: Brown
Hilum: Brown
SCN Gene: R3, MR14