Field Notes

  • Dominates with high yields on late 3 RM.
  • Even without gene for PRR, RS390EN field tolerance is near resistant to it. Expect excellent PRR performance.
  • Offensive on a medium-tall plant profile that plays superior defense too. Stem canker resistant; very good SDS and SCN. Excellent PRR, excellent frog eye and has shown very good SWM tolerance.
  • Complete package!

Soybean Ratings

  • Ratings:
  • Below Average: 0-4
  • Average: 5
  • Good: 6
  • Very Good: 7-8
  • Excellent: 9
  • Superior: 10

Variety Description

Selected for our southern Indiana and Ohio heavy clays and variable soils.  390EN’s phytophthora root rot field tolerance was “best-in-the-test resistance in field trials.  Added foliar defensive characteristics include frog eye, SWM and MR3-14 for SCN.  The complete defensive package protects offensive yield potential on this gorgeous medium-tall semi bush plant style.

Maturity: 3.9
Plant Type: Semi-Bush
Row Widths: All
Plant Height: Medium Tall
PRR Gene: 9
Flower Color: White
Pubescence: Gray
Pod: Brown
Hilum: Buff
SCN Gene: 8